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"The idea of a caring masculinity, which still causes social discomfort or is seen as 'unmasculine', adds a refreshing third perspective on the performance." 
- Evelyne Coussens, Etcetera

The documentary VADERS DRAGEN ('Carrying fathers') shows the creation proces of 'Carrying my father', a circus production in which four acrobats share the stage with their fathers. When the long anticipated premiere gets cancelled in march 2020 during the first Belgian lockdown due to COVID-19, artistic directors Toon Van Gramberen and Hanna Mampuys decide to make this documentary. Through rehearsal footage and interviews with the performers, you get an insight in their journey creating the piece. The premiere and tour got cancelled a second time in november 2020. The physical interaction between generations that is staged, made the relaunch of the project even more complicated due to COVID saftey regulations. In july 2021 we finally got to play the piece. But the documentary still remains a valuable document of the creation process and this extraordinary period of time.






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Production: THERE THERE Company
Concept and direction: Hanna Mampuys and Toon Van Gramberen

With: Toon and Eugeen Van Gramberen, Jonas and Danny Juchtmans,

Josse and Koen De Broeck, Joren and Jan De Cooman
Camera and editing: Toon Van Gramberen
Artistic and technical advice: Toyah Van der Poten
Co-production: CirkL, PERPLX, Theater op de Markt, MiraMiro

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