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THERE THERE Company - As long as we

Hand to hand acrobatics requires balance and trust, strength and vulnerability, support and commitment. When an acrobatic figure is executed flawlessly, we only see perfection. As long as we wants to show what’s behind these tricks: the endless repetition, the sometimes absurd futility of trying, the boredom of it all. But also the little bright spots: that one well-executed figure, the connection between two artists, the rare moments that something new arises. In a landscape of 100 white coffee cups two bodies engage in working together. 

As long as we is an intimate and in your face duet. An attempt to strip the circus arts from all preconceptions, a search for the essence of this young art form.


Production: THERE THERE Company
Concept and performance: Hanna Mampuys and Toon Van Gramberen
Outside eye: Tim Behren, Bauke Lievens
Lighting design: David Carney
Sound concept: Toon Van Gramberen
Technical production: Flor Huybens
Photography: Bart Grietens

Co-production: PERPLX, Theater op de Markt
With the support of: Flemish Government,Circus centrum, cc de borre, 30CC, Latitude 50, De Grote Post, MiraMiro, Destelheide 


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