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Sharing is scary is a practice sharing concept for contemporary circus creation 
It's a collaboration between THERE THERE Company and Cirklabo.  
Circusartists/-companies share their practice straight from the rehearsal studio.  An insight into their creation methodologies, live  in action.  With time to reflect and discuss. 



Edition 2021
with sharing artists Bram Dobbelaere (Ea Eo / Pol en Freddy), Grensgeval  (Hanne Vandersteene en Mahlu Mertens) , Hendrik Van Maele (Familiar faces) and THERE THERE Company (Toon Van Gramberen en Hanna Mampuys). 

Edition 2022
with sharing artists Ward Mortier (Be Flat); Mille Lundt and Kenzo Tokuoka.


Edition 2023 - Save the date  -  11 tot 15 December 2023  

Applicitions from September 2023. 

Download PDF in ENG or NL

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