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".....this performance is a textbook example of how much beauty there is in imperfection. ★★★★ Magali Degrande,  Het Nieuwsblad . 

Carrying my father - Bart

'Carrying my father’ is an acrobatic performance about carrying and being carried. About holding on and letting go. About fragile strength and playful rivalry. Four circus performers share the stage with their fathers. These eight men meet and test each other, and eventually lift each other up. We see eight bodies that aren’t equally strong, but equally powerful in their individuality and interaction. They discover the challenges of growing older and the richness of working together. Central to this is the realization: the father carried the son as a child, and one day the son will carry the father.

Production: THERE THERE Company
Concept and direction: Hanna Mampuys and Toon Van Gramberen
On stage: Toon & Eugeen Van Gramberen, Jonas & Danny Juchtmans,

Josse & Koen De Broeck, Joren & Jan De Cooman
Artistic advice: Seppe Baeyens
Lighting design: David Carney
Sound concept: Marie De Broeck & Toon Van Gramberen
Technical production: Willem Rys & Jamy Hollebeke
Co-production: 30CC, PERPLX, Theater op de Markt
With the support of the Flemish government. 


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