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- Première 2025 - 

'Hugs and handshakes' is an outdoor performance. 
The title says it all: Handshakes and hugs and where those lead to when you bring five partner acrobats together and invite the audience to interact. Every duet, every group choreography starts from those simple touches: a handshake, a pat on the back, a hug... to evolve into spectacular acrobatic heights.

Who wants a hug, or rather shake hands? The boundaries between performers and audience will blur increasingly. Spontaneous duets arise, or was this planned in advance? We're building to new hights. Without extra hands, this would not have been possible.

Production: THERE THERE Company
Direction and choreography: Hanna Mampuys en Toon Van Gramberen
Performers research:  Jakobe Geens, Hendrik Van Maele, Joren De Cooman, Xanthe Van der Jeught, Willem Rys

Dramaturgy: Marie Peeters
With the support of: Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof,  30CC, miramiro, Cirklabo  

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